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NorthWord virtually launches Issue 24 with Amalgamation into Attachment

Issue 24 Guest Editor Luay Eljamal. Photo supplied

(Fort McMurray, AB, September 30, 2021) NorthWord – A Literary Journal of Canada’s North’s Issue 24 was launched on September 26, 2021 virtually as attendees celebrated beautiful words, readings, and Alberta Culture Days. Published by the Northern Canada Collective Society for Writers (NCCSW), the magazine has a theme of “Amalgamation,” guest edited by Luay Eljamal, Program Manager for Arts Council Wood Buffalo. He tasked the NorthWord Board to look for a cover artist, and well-known local resin artist, Ambreen Ehtisham was selected. Her gorgeous piece “Beyond this World,” is the stunning cover.

Luay reflected on the editing process.

“It’s been a long-standing dream of mine to lean into the literary community in Wood Buffalo. In my youth, it was the literary arts that first exposed me to the arts world, and I’ve loved dipping back into that community through NorthWord magazine. I’d highly recommend guest editing to anyone who’s thinking about doing it.”

Ambreen Ehtisham was honoured to be selected as the cover artist, she said.

“This was my first ever piece inspired by our region’s natural beauty like the Athabasca River, the northern lights, and the sunrise. Even emotions and memories play a role in it. The amalgamation here is the merging of the abstract world with the real world; it was the key factor for me in selecting this piece for NorthWord. It also reflects the beauty and resilience of our people in Fort McMurray,” explained Ambreen.

Guests enjoyed our standing segment, the discussion between the incoming and outgoing guest editors. Hope Moffat, a local early childhood consultant is our next guest editor. She chose a theme of “Attachment,” for Issue 25.

“The theme jumped out at me immediately. I thought about attachment with parents, a significant other, a place, anything. I’m looking forward to seeing all the submissions,” Hope shared.

Jane Jacques, Managing Editor, NCCSW, commented, “I was delighted to see so many friends of NorthWord at our Issue 24 launch event. The virtual gathering included contributors and supporters of the magazine, who all enjoyed hearing the readings and seeing the stunning new cover by Ambreen Ehtisham. Luay Eljamal, the guest editor for Issue 24, spoke eloquently about his experiences with NorthWord, and we heard about the upcoming theme of "Attachment" from Issue 25 guest editor Hope Moffatt. From beginning to end, the virtual launch was a delightful afternoon celebrating the arts community.”

Deadline for the next issue is October 30, 2021. Midnight. Short stories or excerpts from current projects, fiction or non-fiction (3000 words maximum), verse of no more than 50 lines, along with anything original and inventive can be submitted to the editors at

Free copies of NorthWord are available at Mitchell’s Café, Keyano College, Prestige Jewellers, MacIsland, Suncor Energy Centre for the Performing Arts at Holy Trinity High School, and the Redpoll Centre.

For real time updates, like us on Facebook: and follow us on Twitter: @NorthWordYMM. Visit our website:


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