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NorthWord wraps up busy fall - #GameOn issue launched and more

Community and collaboration have been a focus of NorthWord amid a busy fall season. The #GameOn Issue #13 was launched during Alberta Culture Days, followed by the Annual General Meeting on October 18, which saw the current board re-elected. Literacy events in partnership with the Rotary Club of Fort McMurray, and Arts Council Wood Buffalo were also supported.

Northern Canada Collective Society for Writers (NCCSW) publishers of NorthWord magazine, Wood Buffalo’s first and only literary journal’s board consists of Suzanne McGladdery, President, Jane Jacques, Managing Editor, Joanne Hlina, Treasurer, and Kiran Malik-Khan, Public Relations Director.

Following a collaboration with 2015 Western Canada Summer Games, the #GameOn issue was produced in conjunction with the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (RMWB) and the Games Committee. It was launched on September 27, 2015 during Alberta Culture Days.

NorthWord proudly supported Rotary Club of Fort McMurray’s literacy awareness month events. Held in partnership with Arts Council Wood Buffalo, a youth writing workshop, and author’s success program with best-selling author, Charmaine Hammond saw strong community support. In addition, a busy family book swap for Halloween saw many families in attendance.

“It's very gratifying to see people coming out and participating in creative endeavours. Life is a little stressful in the oil patch these days, and writing, and creating any kind of art, is a really good way to work through that stress in productive ways. I'm glad that NorthWord has been able to provide a venue for that, and that people are participating,” noted Suzanne McGladdery, President, NCCSW.

Issue #14 “What’s in a Name?” issue, guest edited by Joanne Hlina has been recently wrapped up. Theresa Wells, communications/media relations professional and freelance writer will be the next guest editor. She chose “Climbing the Mountain” as her theme.

“Ever since I was a child I have been obsessed with the highest points on earth: Everest, K2, Annapurna and the rest, the tallest mountains in the world. I have likely read almost every book written by extreme mountain climbers, but not because I ever intended to climb a mountain myself; I was simply intrigued by those who do, their character and why they choose to climb mountains that have claimed hundreds of lives and where surviving the attempt is anything but certain,” explained Wells, who writes the McMurray Musings blog.

“Over the course of my life I have come to recognize we are all mountain climbers in a sense, whether our mountain is a literal or figurative one. Sometimes we choose the mountain, and sometimes the mountain chooses us. In exploring the theme of “Climbing the Mountain,” I hope people will share tales of their own climbing adventures, real and imagined, whatever their mountain happens to be. I have always found great strength in the resiliency and resourcefulness of mountain climbers, and I look forward to reading and sharing the stories of the mountain climbers in our world, who tackle mountains, large and small, every single day,” Wells added.

NorthWord is available free of charge at MacDonald Island, the Keyano College Bookstore, Keyano Reception (front desk), Keyano Library, Points North Gallery, and the Thickwood YMCA.

For real time updates, like us on Facebook: and follow us on Twitter: @NorthWordYMM.

For more information, please contact:

Kiran Malik-Khan

Public Relations Director

Northern Canada Collective Society for Writers


Twitter: @NorthWordYMM

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