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Attachment Issue - NW.png

The Attachment Issue

Volume 5, Issue 1

Released in Spring 2022, NorthWord's Guest Editor Hope Moffatt themed Issue 25 as Attachment with cover art by Sherry Lee Duncan.



Where stand you, bitter landmark of beauty?

I thought I saw you while I stood in your palm

Now I only find you in glimpses, and am dazzled, as sunlight through birches

Your form taunts me, like the torn-off corner of a dream and

perhaps I am lost in my search for you

Yet I will seek you still in sighing grass, in dancing shadows, on starlit paths

I wonder, can I catch you?

amalgamation cover _ northword.png

The Amalgamation Issue

Volume 4, Issue 6

Released in Fall 2021, NorthWord's Guest Editor Luay Eljamal themed Issue 24 as Amalgamation with cover art by Ambreen Ehtisham.


Next Issue

NorthWord Magazine publishes twice a year through the support of community volunteers and advertisers.


Publication launches take place in April during National Poetry Month and September to coincide with Alberta Culture Days.

For each edition, the Northern Canada Collective Society of Writers' Board of Directors selects a guest editor.


Each guest editor is required to pick a theme to kick-start the creativity. They also decide on the artwork for the front cover. 


As submissions come in, the managing editor removes names before showing the guest editor for transparency purposes.


After the selection process, the publication is produced and disbursed throughout the Wood Buffalo region.

Accepted Submissions:​

  • prose (3,000 words or fewer, fiction or non-fiction)

  • poetry (50 lines maximum)

  • excerpts from current projects

  • visual art 

Submission Deadline 

October 30, 2022

Guest Editor

Scott Meller



* Send submission to


The Solstice Issue

Volume 4, Issue 5

Released in Spring 2021, NorthWord's Guest Editor Florence Weber themed Issue 23 as Solstice with cover art by Treasure Cooper.



the standing still of the sun invites the deep stillness in me to reveal itself

a time when the brightness and the darkness become one, united in support of life

the cool darkness wraps my heart in comfort while the lingering light sparks my spirit

my world moves through this desired stillness

it is welcome here

The Anomaly Issue

Volume 4, Issue 4

Released in Summer 2020, NorthWord's Guest Editor Hanna Fridhed themed Issue 22 as Anomaly with cover art by Allison Dakin.

Issue 22 Cover Reveal; Video Editing by Luay Eljamal

Volume 4 Issue 3.jpg

The Puzzles Issue

Volume 4, Issue 3

Released in Fall 2019, NorthWord's Guest Editor Dave Martin themed Issue 21 as Puzzles with cover art by Carmen Wells.

2:15 AM



This is really difficult.

I don't want to do this, but something doesn't fit.

I thought you would fill this hole in my heart, complete

the puzzle that is my life, but you don't connect with my

other pieces. I can't force a blue piece where an eye

should be a sandy beach...

Don't be puzzled over why I didn't do this in person, 

I couldn't. Maybe we will talk later.


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